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Our software is proven to make Solid State Disks last more than 20 times longer by extending the endurance of the flash memory.

Flash memory is used in smartphone and tablets, digital cameras, USB sticks, memory cards and video games. The NAND flash market size 2014 is expected to be $28 billion with CAGR of 18.8% over the period 2013-2018.

NVMdurance Benefits

  • 20-fold extended intrinsic endurance of flash devices

  • From 10% to 50% faster PE cycle times

  • No impact on manufacturing process or architecture

  • Enables use of lower cost, lower endurance, flash in products normally requiring higher-grade or enterprise flash

  • Supply of flash devices can be better secured by shifting requirement to the more widely available lower-endurance flash

  • Compounds the endurance gain currently being achieved by other means (e.g. ECC or over-provisioning)