Altera uses NVMdurance software

NVMdurance greatly extends NAND flash lifetime in Altera NVMe data storage solution

Increases the number of NAND flash program-erase cycles by up to 7 times

Dublin, Ireland, 2 July 2015— NVMdurance has today announced that Altera Corporation has releasedAltera uses NVMdurance software an FPGA based storage reference design for data centres that implements proprietary software licensed from NVMdurance that increases the number of program-erase cycles by up to 7 times compared to existing NAND flash implementations.

The Altera reference design includes an Arria 10 SoC with an integrated dual-core ARM Cortex A9 processor using NAND flash optimisation software from NVMdurance and an NVM Express (NVMe) solid-state disk (SSD) controller from Mobiveil.

The NAND market is approaching its “scaling limit,” a point beyond which its cost can no longer be reduced by shrinking the production process alone. This Altera storage solution with NVMdurance software enables data centres to use the most cost effective TLC NAND or advanced 3D NAND flash technology while still successfully meeting the stringent reliability requirements that cloud and HPC data centre storage customers demand.

“Until now, it was not possible to make the economics of FPGA flash storage work,” said Robert Pierce, senior marketing manager, compute and storage business unit, Altera. “Our Arria 10 SoC-based solution will make architects rethink how storage is deployed in the cloud and in high-performance computing systems. This will open up new ways to innovate and extend a company’s investment, while providing the fast time-to-market that can be a competitive differentiator.”

NVMdurance software implements a set of proprietary NAND flash optimisation techniques that constantly monitor the condition of the NAND flash and automatically adjusts the control parameters in real time, greatly extending the flash system’s endurance.

“Altera is the first of our customers to go live using NVMdurance software,” said Pearse Coyle, CEO, NVMdurance. “Our software is proven to make data centre SSDs, consumer SSDs, and embedded NVM storage last longer by extending the endurance of the flash memory. Altera’s innovative mind-set, combined with their technology leadership inspired them to choose NVMdurance to ensure the best possible quality of service for their customers”.


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