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NVMdurance leadership teamInterview with Pearse Coyle, CEO

Describe the company – elevator pitch

Flash memory wears out – NVMdurance software makes it last 10 to 20 times longer. We solve a fundamental problem for the US$27bn flash market.

Flash Memory is by far the main type of non-volatile memory (NVM, where information is stored when equipment is switched off). It is the storage medium used in mobile phones, tablets and the Solid State Disks (SSDs) that are rapidly taking over from hard disks as the NVM platform for computing.

 How are you different?

The machine learning algorithms that drive our solution appear to be getting a significantly better result than any available alternative solution. We are being recognised as the technical leader in flash endurance.

Flash memory is becoming smaller, denser and cheaper but as it does so the endurance (wear-out) problem is becoming more acute. There is now a clear trade-off between cost and endurance.

Our advantage lies in the way that we achieve the endurance gain. Our software tunes the flash devices such that “out of the box” they last longer. The alternative approaches all have either a cost or a performance penalty that we allow the vendors to avoid.

We’re at an exciting stage – we’ve proven our technical leadership and are now working on the commercial deployment of it.


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