Competition winner announced

We are delighted to announce the Create a Limerick competition winner.

Competition winner

The draw was held at Flash Memory Summit 2016 on Thursday 11th August at 1.30pm California-time.

The “Create a Limerick” winning name was pulled out of the hat (well, actually it was a big cardboard box – left) by Alan Land, FMS organiser. It was the first prize to be drawn as part of the FMS raffle in which there were 20 prizes from major sponsors and two grand prizes from the official raffle sponsor.

And the competition winner is….


of Coughlin Associates

Here’s his Limerick

Tom CoughlinA frustrated engineer from Torrence
Wanted to increase his endurance
At the Flash Memory Summit
Was technology to covet
Providing application insurance


Congratulations Tom.

Here’s the video of the proceedings.

Many thanks to all those who entered. They were displayed on a TV screen on our booth at FMS and it entertained all Flash Memory Summit visitors!

We got a few more Limericks post-competition from Anthony Cappellini

To the Summit they charged
With badges in hand
What now costs pennies, use to be many grand
NVME, so darn fast
SATA’s speed is just aghast
Twas a company named NVMdurance
Whose charter is the convergence
Endurance, life, and speed
The specs will surely exceed
Hard drives will never make a resurgence
It was a fun event, I look forward to more
I didn’t know Limericks were on our door
As HDDs crash
Many will prosper from Flash
Very soon, rust will spin no more
While replying to your email
My humor began to wail
I fumbled a bit
To stir of some wit
In hopes that I will prevail

20160811_09524720160811_095240competition winner

Joe Sullivan, co-founder, NVMdurance on set up day













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We might even do the same thing at FMS 2017!