Flash memory Limerick competition

Rules and how to enter:

Flash memory Limerick competition


NVMdurance is holding a Flash memory Limerick competition. Apart from the joy you will bring the Flash memory community, there is, in fact, a prize. We will announce the winner and present the prize at Flash Memory Summit from 8 to 11 August 2016.

Read the Wikipedia entry for more information on Limericks (although please do ignore the “obscene” reference). Remember there are only 5 lines in a Limerick which follows a rhyming scheme of AABBA.


    • Entries must be about flash or other non-volatile memory, endurance or a combination thereof
    • We will share each entry across social media
    • Each entry will be posted on this web page
    • Winner will be selected by raffle held as a lead into the Flash Memory Summit raffle at 1.30pm on 11th August. Raffle will be conducted by non-NVMdurance employee, non-competition entrant and witnessed by all raffle draw attendees
    • Winner will also be contacted by email or phone
    • NTSC TV purchased in USA will only work in USA/Canada and a few other countries. Winners can nominate a USA-based friend or Bay-area charity of your choice. Alternatively, NVMdurance can recommend some charities from which to choose
    • Winner may collect TV from NVMdurance stand at event close: 2pm Thursday. Alternatively, we will arrange delivery to USA address
    • Unfortunately, those connected to NVMdurance cannot win, but are encouraged to enter for the craic (Irish slang for fun)


The prize is a brand new 43 inchTV. Well, almost brand new. It will have been lovingly used by us for 3 days at Flash Memory Summit 2016. We will look after it well, dust it daily and pack it up in its original packaging for its new limerick-genius worthy owner.

How to enter

Simply add it to a comment to the pinned post on LinkedIn NVMdurance page.


Email your entry to [email protected] with the following details:

  • Name
  • Twitter handle (if you have one)
  • Company name

Limerick from Zsolt Kerekes (who inspired our contest)

There was a young lady called Prudence
Was worried ’bout flash’s endurance
She met an IP
Who said – stick by me
My software will be your ensurence