Limerick competition entries

Flash Memory Limerick competition

Some Limericks were sent in by Anthony Cappellini  on 13 August after the competition closed. Added here for your amusement.

To the Summit they charged
With badges in hand
What now costs pennies, use to be many grand
NVME, so darn fast
SATA’s speed is just aghast
Twas a company named NVMdurance
Whose charter is the convergence
Endurance, life, and speed
The specs will surely exceed
Hard drives will never make a resurgence
It was a fun event, I look forward to more
I didn’t know Limericks were on our door
As HDDs crash
Many will prosper from Flash
Very soon, rust will spin no more
While replying to your email
My humor began to wail
I fumbled a bit
To stir of some wit
In hopes that I will prevail

4 August: It’s been a while but entries close as 12 noon (Santa Clara time) next Thursday, so I reckon there’ll be a few more entries at FMS. This one from Tom Friend, Illuminosi.

Along came this NAND named 3D
Who yielded quite poorly
So the marketeers crowed
And at FMS they showed
How SSDs would ship with 2D

19th June: From Stephen Johnston in San Diego Gas & Electric. I’m loving the Guinness mention!

Losing a thought is quite horrible
If only my memory weren’t volatile
NVMdurance assure
That their Flash will endure
But this Guinness is making it fallible


12th June: From Andrew Garman, partner at New Venture Partners LLC

There once was a VC named Steve
Huge returns he hoped to achieve
So with much great assurance
He bet on NVMdurance
What a tangled web he did weave!

8th June: From our Director, Stephen Socolof.

There was a startup NVMdurance
Which launched with great emergence
We hoped it would take flash by storm
And set a new norm
Rather than end like the Endurance


Three new ones last week from Alan Land, FMS organiser and  Thomas Coughlin, Digital Storage and Applications Analyst and Consultant.

Here’s Alan’s two:

A vendor who saw his sales plummet
Took a booth at the Flash Memory Summit
When asked why he came
He replied with no shame
“There is no better venue to drum it”


Two analysts Coughlin and Handy
Said the Flash Memory Summit was dandy
Articulate patter
On topics that matter
All posted by Tracie Barnes-Tandy

Here’s Tom’s

A frustrated engineer from Torrence
Wanted to increase his endurance
At the Flash Memory Summit
Was technology to covet
Providing application insurance

20th May: They’re flying in today…. Here’s one from Christopher Neil Brown of SST

An electron once lived on a gate
Where it floated in a negative state
But to the drain it would go
When a programmer said so
That’s how flash memory will operate!


Kevin Crow from Intel’s enthusiasm let to a limerick style poem. 20th May

There once was a memory named ‘Flash’
Which drove our computers to dash
So great was the speed
to transfer data upon need
It drove a reduction in cache

His server was lacking some gust-o
As his storage was spinning rust-o
So when his hard drive did crash
He went with some flash
To give his performance a thrust-o

One thing that was undeniable
His performance servers were unreliable
So when his hard drives did crash
He gave them a smash
And replaced them with flash most reliable

For making server performance it’s best
The HPC datacenter manager was obsessed
So to improve his TCO
He gave Flash memory a go
And now he’s completely destressed

So now it’s time to rehash
Some of the benefits of going with flash
Performance undeniable
Durability reliable
With a bonus reduction of cache!


We have a few entries from Black Diamond Solutions in Chicago. Well done lads. All excellent. The co-founder theme is going well here again!

There once was an admin named Joe
Who got scolded cause his database was slow
When he added some flash
They threw him a bash
And the legend of Joe starts to grow!

There once was a SAN filled with platters
That would slow whenever time matters
They tried to short stroke
But that was a joke
So we beat that SAN to pieces and tatters

We once worked with disk that would turn
Then came flash but the writes made them burn
While the problem persisted
Ryan and Sully insisted
Our software will nix this concern!


Good man Stephen Bates, from Microsemi.

There once was a memory called NAND
Whose lifetime was somewhat too bland
We invented a path
With DSP and some math
To attain something exceedingly grand!


A bit of a theme is developing with NVMdurance employees. Here’s one from Conor Ryan.

There was a young boy named JoeConor Joe inside
A lot about NAND flash he did know
He met up with Conor
Who said it’s a goner
Unless static params it can outgrow



Here’s our second entry. It’s from our very own Jeannie Fitzgerald and it’s a good un. Although I’m not sure employees can win.

There was a young techie named Joe
Who hated when p/e cycles were low
So he took out insurance
Joined NVMdurance
And made long lasting flash with Conor and co


Our first entry is from Kevin Kilbuck of Micron.

Flash suppliers continue to shrink,
But that makes the endurance stink
And so the electrons
Keep acting like morons
So good flash management is required
And new and innovative IP is inspired

There is one line too many (just 5 lines in a limerick). An updated version was provided by Kevin on 21 May with the 5 lines and the AABBA rhyming requirement!

Flash geometries continue to shrink
But that makes the endurance stink
So good flash management is required
New and innovative IP is inspired
And the industry moves on, I think


Here’s a limerick


from Zsolt Kerekes of Storage – the inspiration for the competition. Read his article about it.

There was a young lady called Prudence
Was worried ’bout flash’s endurance
She met an IP
Who said – stick by me
My software will be your ensurence

And here’s one our Marketing Manager created            ….. and another

There was a young lady called Flash                                                      There once was a Flash called NOR
Who held a bit of a bash (party in Irish terms)                                       Who was around for a year before
She took lots of photos                                                                              Then along came NAND
But had nowhere to store em (she knows it’s supposed to rhyme)   For whom life was grand
Because the memory had run out of gas                                           Now they can be found together in store