nand flash endurance 20 X NAND Flash Endurance! NVMdurance at FMS 2014

The Flash Memory Summit wound down on Thursday after a four day run at the Santa Clara Convention Center in San Jose. The show floor was fairly crowded with over 5,000 attendees and a sold out exhibition space.

One standout in terms of technology development news is NVMdurance, a Limerick, Ireland startup headed up by CEO Pearse Coyle, and the original University of Limerick discovery team Professor Conor Ryan, PhD, CTO Software and Joe Sullivan BEng. PhD, CTO Hardware. Ryan and Sullivan have long experience in Computer Science in Machine Learning.

Ryan and Sullivan realized early in the drive toward solid-state-drives that the NAND Flash memory devices undergo predictable changes over their lifetime. The team discovered that by carefully profiling a particular manufacturer’s device type they could formulate a controller framework that when applied to SSDs extended the durability of the device by over 20 times.