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NAND flash ecosystem

Pearse Coyle, CEO. I mentioned in a recent tweet about our newly announced Aviator product, that this was the start of something really big for NVMdurance. A few people have asked me to explain. It’s a bit of a long story, so rather that attempt to do it in one blog post, we will do […]

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Marketing Flash Memory

Interview with Kevin Kilbuck, CMO, NVMdurance Article in IrishTechNews.ie  February 2, 2017 Why did you join NVMdurance? I knew NVMdurance because of my time with Micron, an NVMdurance customer, and I always thought their approach and technology was very compelling. I enjoy enabling new products and developing new markets, and the timing seemed right with […]

machine learning
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Managing SSDs Using Machine Learning

Article from The SSD Guy January 26, 2017. SSDs use a huge number of internal parameters to achieve a tricky balance between performance, wear, and cost.  The SSD Guy likes to compare this to a recording studio console like the one in this post’s graphic to emphasize just how tricky it is for SSD designers to […]

NVMdurance Aviator
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NVMdurance launches NVMdurance Aviator to accelerate adoption of 3D NAND

NVMdurance, with its unique approach to characterizing flash memory devices, has launched NVMdurance Aviator, a new product which complements their existing Navigator and Pathfinder products that enables deployment of 3D NAND flash in the most challenging applications. NAND flash memory is used in many applications, including SSDs, mobile phones, tablets, USB drives and memory cards. Manufacturers […]