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NVMdurance at Flash Memory Summit 2015 – Video

Flash Memory Summit 2015 – NVMdurance video NVMdurance had another great week at FMS2015 in San Diego Convention Centre last week. Conor, Joe, Barry and Pearse all attended the event and demonstrated a new NAND flash SSD reference design that extends the life of flash memory up to 7 times. The FPGA-based SSD reference design enables […]

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Altera FPGA儲存參考設計提高NAND快閃記憶體使用壽命

Altera開發採用其Arria 10 SoC架構的儲存參考設計,與目前的NAND快閃記憶體相比,NAND快閃記憶體的使用壽命將加倍,程式擦除週期數增加了7倍。該參考設計包括一顆Arria 10 SoC和整合雙核心ARM CortexA9處理器,同時採用Mobiveil的固態硬碟(SSD)控制器,以及NVMdurance的NAND最佳化軟體,可提高NAND應用的性能和靈活性,同時延長資料中心設備的使用壽命,進而降低NAND陣列的成本。 Read the article on eettaiwan.com here

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FPGA-Based Storage Reference Design Doubles NAND Flash Life

via Circuit Cellar Altera Corp. recently developed a storage reference design  based on its Arria 10 SoCs that doubles the life of NAND flash. In addition, can increase the number of program-erase cycles by up to 7×. The design features an Arria 10 SoC with an integrated dual-core ARM Cortex A9 processor in an optimized, single-chip solution. […]