NVMdurance: Success, but after dogged endurance

NVMdurance featured in Enterprise Ireland magazine, The Market, Winter 2014.

Flash memory powers mobile phones and digital cameras and is used in solid state disks – the technology that is rapidly replacing hard disks as the storage medium of choice globally. While it offers many advantages, flash memory also presents a durability issue, one the industry has struggled to
resolve for years.

EI the marketEstablished last year, NVMdurance is a Limerick-based software company that, with 14 years’ research behind it, offers that solution. Although not a direct participant in the Global Sourcing Initiative, the
company’s story is certainly relevant to the space.

Company co-founder Pearse Coyle, an entrepreneur with a number of success stories in the data storage field, took the opportunity directly to Silicon Valley with the help of a storage industry veteran, Tom Burniece whom NVMdurance says they were “blessed to be introduced to”. In the Valley, meetings
were relatively easy to set up with major players, although “the initial reaction from many was that they didn’t believe we could do it, but were willing to engage with us if we could.”

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