Adaptive Flash Tuning
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NVMdurance Adaptive Flash Tuning patent granted

Dublin, Ireland: 21 March 2017: NVMdurance, with its unique approach to extending the endurance of flash devices and enabling 3D NAND, has announced that patent number 9,569,120 developed by Joe Sullivan and Conor Ryan, both of Limerick, Ireland, has been granted in the USA for Adaptive Flash Tuning. This is the fifth patent granted by […]

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The 2D NAND problems NVMdurance solves

This is the third of four posts in our NAND flash ecosystem blog series. 2D (Planar) NAND flash memory, as the name suggests, has a 2-dimensional structure, meaning the individual storage cells are arranged in the X-Y dimensions. Successive generations of 2D NAND have realized lower cost-per-gigabyte by shrinking the X-Y dimensions via photolithography reductions. For example, […]