Our software is proven to make flash memory last longer by extending the intrinsic endurance of the NAND or 3D flash.

Flash memory is used in smartphone and tablets, digital cameras, USB sticks, memory cards and video games.  Today, the global NAND flash market is growing at a CAGR of 10.1% to 2019, with market revenue expected to top US$49 billion by 2019. The SSD market is expected to reach $229 billion by 2022.

NVMdurance Benefits

  • Extended intrinsic endurance of flash devices

  • Makes TLC usable without need for LDPC or more powerful controller

  • Completely avoids runtime impact and bad tail latency of read-retry

  • Automated accelerated flash characterization - ideal for 3D NAND

  • Supply of flash devices can be better secured by shifting requirement to the more widely available lower-endurance flash

  • Compounds the endurance gain currently being achieved by other means (e.g. ECC or over-provisioning)