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NVMdurance enables 3D NAND flash memory, a new type of flash memory that is expected to revolutionize storage by providing higher performance and capacities than today’s solutions, with the promise of lower cost per gigabyte.

NVMdurance has the world’s only automated method for characterizing flash memory, based on our patented machine learning technology. Our software enables suppliers and adopters of flash to improve reliability, accelerate their deployment of new flash solutions, differentiate their products, and optimize around customer usage conditions.

For example, NVMdurance Aviator automatically generates LLR tables for 3D TLC NAND. This is normally challenging, time-consuming, and costly for companies to develop without large teams of flash experts.

NVMdurance Benefits

  • Replaces costly and time-consuming manual methods of characterizing NAND flash and optimizing parameter sets for high-volume manufacturing

  • Optimizes endurance and data retention of 3D NAND based on the application and customer usage conditions

  • Monitors the health of flash memory over its life and adjusts parameters to improve reliability on the fly

  • Especially beneficial for 3D TLC NAND enterprise and datacenter deployments